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Taro & Tule

Our Breeding Pair: Taro & Tule


Tule is honestly the laziest border collie I have ever met- needless to say, she has an off switch- I should say that you have to switch her on when you want her to do something…  She was bred to herd and honestly has a pretty high drive, she just has to be asked first…  She has done obedience and has earned her AKC CGC title.  She is outgoing and friendly, she is incredibly obedient.  She is simply a good dog.  A very doggy dog.  Clear by DNA of all know border collie disorders and OFA Good hips, normal patella, elbows and heart.


Taro is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned, which made him both a joy and a challenge to raise him up right!  He is my heart dog, affectionate and loving, but tough as nails.  He is from lines of cow herding dogs that are bred for work, his beauty is coincidental and his lines are known for “hard” merles.  He has a strong eye and an aggressive approach (when needed) with stock.  He fears nothing.  We do not have large stock, so herding is a hobby only.  Taro has begun his agility career, belongs to the dock diving club and has received his AKC Star title and will have his AKC CGC title within the year.  He has a nice off switch and can be a calm family dog.  Great with other animals and people, Taro is a love bug and truly one of my favorite dogs ever.  OFA prelim hip score= Excellent.  Health tested clear by DNA.

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